New Zealand’s best food direct to the world’s best chefs

New Zealand’s freshest, natural food products, delivered direct to Hong Kong’s most discerning chefs.

Premium Products

We source fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, seafood, dairy products and beverages from the exceptional food basket of the South Pacific, and deliver direct to Hong Kong restaurants, hotels and caterers. Eat the Kiwi works with trusted New Zealand producers and growers to supply an extensive range of premium products.

New Zealand

New Zealand is an isolated oasis of natural beauty 2,000 kilometers from its nearest neighbor. This remoteness has helped protect and preserve its natural environment for thousands of years. With a temperate climate, plentiful water and clean air, everything flourishes.


Eat the Kiwi is a collective of New Zealand's finest food producers and providers, led by the award winning food service business The Produce Company. Our seasonal options enable variation in texture, flavour and presentation. Allow us to source specialty products and provide you with innovative solutions.

Te Mana Lamb

Te Mana Lamb™ introduces new levels of delicacy, mouth feel and texture. Because of its unique composition, Te Mana Lamb™ doesn't behave like regular lamb during preparation and cooking. It is more versatile, allowing you to create like never before. You'll find Te Mana Lamb™ retains its shape and texture better, is less prone to cooking shrinkage and more forgiving of over-enthusiastic cooking! The benefit to you is delivery of consistently high quality, original dishes.